Sixteen years later, the question remains unanswered, who killed Chandra Levy?

Open Letter by the author of Dynasty of Deceit In May 2001, the young, beautiful, Washington DC intern Chandra Levy vanished without a trace. When reports surfaced about an affair between Levy and Congressman Gary Condit, the story became global…..

Free Chapter of Dynasty of Deceit

To my loyal readers and future readers, I am providing you with the first chapter of Dynasty of Deceit for free! Dynasty of Deceit is a mainstream thriller/suspense novel and a different genre than Hollywood Under the Covers, which is…..

Dynasty of Deceit Is Set For A May 2017 Release

As a debutante to one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in America, Angelina Holley appears to have it all, but public perception is deceiving. Her young life is full of disheartening tragedies, including her family‚Äôs resentment toward her…..

Hollywood Under the Covers Book Trailer

Hollywood Under the Covers was released on March 19, 2010.   Hollywood Under the Covers is a rare look inside the seductive entertainment industry. To the outside world, Hollywood is portrayed with glamour, riches and fame but to insiders, it’s…..