Sixteen years later, the question remains unanswered, who killed Chandra Levy?

Open Letter by the author of Dynasty of Deceit

In May 2001, the young, beautiful, Washington DC intern Chandra Levy vanished without a trace. When reports surfaced about an affair between Levy and Congressman Gary Condit, the story became global news inciting a media frenzy. Twelve months passed before Levy’s remains were found in a secluded area of Rock Creek Park just a few miles from her home. With the official announcement from the coroner’s office, the missing person’s case took a chilling turn to homicide.

In 2010, an El Salvador native, Ingmar Guandique, who assaulted two other female joggers in the same park, was found guilty of first-degree murder. His fate was sealed by the testimony of a fellow inmate, Armando Morales, who claimed Guandique confessed to Levy’s murder. In 2011, Guandique was sentenced to sixty years. In 2016 as Guandique’s retrial approached, a woman secretly recorded Morales and made statements that he admitted to giving false testimony in Levy’s murder trial. According to sources who listened to the recording, they claim no such confession took place about Levy, but other atrocious crimes were admitted to by Morales. Prosecutors dismissed the case on the grounds the recording could potentially damage the credibility of their star witness, and they could no longer prove beyond a reasonable doubt Guandique was guilty of the crime. The murder charges were dismissed against Guandique. Sixteen years later, we have come full circle and ask ourselves once again, who killed Chandra Levy?

In 2015, I decided to write about the Chandra Levy Case in my new novel and intertwine parts of reality into fiction. After a few months into my extensive research about the case, Judge Robert E. Morin set a retrial date for March 2016. Even though my storyline is based in a fictional environment, the novel could not be released until after the retrial. I continued to write my manuscript with the premise of what my imagination created as a plausible explanation to what happened to Chandra Levy. The retrial moved to October 2016, and the release date for Dynasty of Deceit was set for the end of October to the beginning of November after the announcement of a verdict. In July 2016, the retrial was dropped and charges dismissed against Guandique. The bad news was my novel was not ready to be released. The good news was I did not have to rewrite the storyline and was able to stick to my original manuscript.

My novel covers two years of the Chandra Levy Case as a subplot to the overall storyline. I took great care in writing about Chandra Levy by keeping her family in mind and not mentioning her by name in certain horrendous areas of the story. Over the years, I have watched her parents during television interviews, and it is heartbreaking to witness. My heart goes out to Robert and Susan Levy who deserves to know the truth about what happened to their daughter. One day soon, I hope Chandra Levy’s murderer is identified and brought to justice where her family can find a sense of peace.

–Author Brandie Knight

Dynasty of Deceit

As a debutante to one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in America, Angelina Holley appears to have it all, but public perception is deceiving. Her young life is full of disheartening tragedies, including her family’s resentment toward her for not being born a male.

When her grandfather is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, the twenty-five-year-old is forced to return home from college and prepare to take over the SWIPE (Secretly Wipes Indecent Public Errors) Agency’s leadership position. Angelina is thrust into a male dominated environment where elite soldiers protect their high-profile clients. The clients’ errors are wiped out and altered to shift blame by public perception. She is shocked to discover the black-ops agency is in bed with powerful, government officials and responsible for Marilyn Monroe’s cover up, among other highly publicized, unsolved murders.

Angelina’s rebellious uprising begins when she finds herself in the middle of a disturbing cover up of Chandra Levy’s murder. Her internal struggle to protect the client or give the victim’s family justice triggers a downward spiral of deception. As the sole heir to the Holley Dynasty, manipulation threatens to strip Angelina of her birthright, and in the process, her innocence is lost in a twisted web of murder and deceit. With the help of an unlikely ally, she is empowered to fight back by using her natural ability as a truth wizard and hardcore combat training to disassemble, restructure, and rebuild her world before it’s too late.


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